What caused the big Crypto selloff this week? In this article I dive into what caused Tera/Luna to sell off which caused a cascading effect with other crypto assets. 
Origin of HODL The term “HODL” came from a misspelling in a December 2013 Bitcointalk (popular Bitcoin forum) post “I AM HODLING” where an inebriated…
[I’m moving my Q&A to Callin, a platform for live audio sessions. Happening live at 6PM ET Monday next week] [Vote on the next topic here] The Basics…
In this newsletter, I cover the history of the conference, my interviews there, and the general vibe. 
Why is Bitcoin becoming the new world reserve currency for both fiat and crypto? In this article I discuss why it is better than existing solutions, and…
Tax season is here in the US! Use this quick guide on crypto taxes to help you consider what taxes you might owe for various crypto transactions. 
Why mainstream press continually misreports on Bitcoin, and how to take that knowledge and apply it to other information. 
What is SXSW and how was Bitcoin represented there? In this newsletter I cover the conference, Bitcoin and what is happening! 
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